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I lecture in Film and Media at Dartmouth College, advise students on special projects, am part of Dartmouth's XR learning community, and engaged with Sustainable Dartmouth. 


I teach at Dartmouth because I love working with students. I want my students to understand and engage with story and culture creation, and feel empowered to use their unique voice as creators, participants and interpreters with intentionality and craft. I create hands-on courses that provide space for students to develop their own content, and ideas and opinions around media creation and engagement through critical thinking and making. I encourage students to see my course as a sounding board for their creative ideas and part of a continuing conversation about an ever changing mediascape of which they are a part, rather than a set rules or ideals articulated by experts. To this end, in addition to my bringing in different examples of media projects to consider, students in my classes are also charged with discovering and sharing examples of media that resonate with them and why. In addition to contemplating craft, I ask students to pay particular attention to context, perspective, and power structures as what we consider as “good,”“provocative,” “engaging,” etc, depends on where we are coming from, where we are at, and where we are going. By engaging with the process of creation, and the systems surrounding the production of culture, my goal as a teacher is to make story and media creation more accessible and relevant for students inside the classroom and throughout their lives. 




B.A.  Harvard University

M.F.A.  University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts

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